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Linked Orders for WooCommerce provides a unified framework for linking follow-up orders to an existing root order. Its functionality can easily be extended using a few key hooks and functions.


All functions are located in the functions.php and src/functions files. You can check their parameters and return values in said locations. The components IDs can be found in the config_prod.php and config-premium_prod.php files.

Function nameDescription
dws_lowc_di_containerReturns the dependency injection container instance.
dws_lowc_instanceReturns the plugin’s main class instance from the DI container.
dws_lowc_componentReturns a given plugin component from the DI container by its ID.
dws_lowc_get_raw_settingReturns the raw database value of a given setting.
dws_lowc_get_validated_settingReturns the validated database value of a given setting.
Function nameDescription
dws_lowc_get_supported_order_typesReturns the order types that support linking. By default, that’s just shop_order but any object modelled by WC_Order can be used.
dws_lowc_get_valid_statuses_for_new_childFiltering the return value of this function will restrict the creation of child orders only to orders that have certain statuses.
dws_lowc_create_linked_orderCreates a new empty order linked to a given parent order.
dws_lowc_link_ordersLinks two orders in a parent-child relation.
dws_lowc_get_root_orderGoes up a linking tree and retrieves the root order for a given one.
dws_lowc_get_orders_treeReturns the full list of orders linked to the given one as the root.


All hook tags are computationally generated to ensure uniqueness. It is possible to reverse-engineer the end-result, but it is recommended to just use the same helpers in order to ensure future-compatibility.

There are 2 helper functions to help you generate our hooks:

Function nameDescription
dws_lowc_get_hook_tagReturns a plugin-level hook.
dws_lowc_get_component_hook_tagReturns a component-level hook.

It’s recommended to use the action dws_lowc_initialized to register your hooks. It’s guaranteed that the functions above will be present and work on this action.

Filter valid order statuses for creating new child orders

add_action( 'dws_lowc_initialized', function() {
        dws_lowc_get_component_hook_tag( 'post_type', array( 'valid_statuses_for_new_child' ) ),
        function( array $statuses, string $order_type, ?WC_Order $order ): array {
            return $statuses;
} );Code language: PHP (php)

Modify linked orders before they’re saved

add_action( 'dws_lowc_initialized', function() {
        dws_lowc_get_component_hook_tag( 'created_linked_order' ),
        function( WC_Order $linked_order, WC_Order $parent_order ): void{
            // manipulate linked order here
} );Code language: PHP (php)
Updated on September 29, 2021

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