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Unlocking payment methods for specific groups

This unlocking strategy is only available in the paid version of our plugin. If you still need a license you can acquire one here.

This unlocking strategy requires the free Groups 2.11+ plugin to be installed and active first. Groups is a plugin that helps you organize your users.

In order to grant access to locked payment methods to individual users please first make sure that the Unlock via Groups settings is set to Yes on the plugin’s settings page:

With the unlocking strategy active you can now find a new multiselect field within the individual settings of each Groups-belonging group. Payment methods selected in this field will be automatically unlocked for all users belonging to that group.

  1. Click on the Groups menu page
  2. Click Edit on the specific group you want to grant payment methods access to
  3. Select which payment methods should be unlocked for members of this group
  4. Click on Save
Updated on May 20, 2021

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