What is a locked payment method?

WooCommerce offers you a variety of payment methods that your customers can use to check out — some pre-bundled, most in the form of plugins. However, when you enable a payment method it’s automatically available to all your customers old and new.

The Locked Payment Methods for WooCommerce plugin was built to provide you with a mechanism to prevent your customers from checking out using certain payment methods unless they’ve been somehow pre-approved to do so.

We call payment methods that require pre-approval locked.

Locked Payment Methods for WooCommerce is not a conditional logic plugin. Payment methods can only be unlocked for logged-in users based on the properties of their accounts, not of their carts.

Which payment methods can be locked

Any WooCommerce payment gateway can be locked. The only prerequisite is that it must be first enabled:

How to lock a payment method

In order to lock a payment method you need to first navigate to the plugin’s settings page:

Enabled payment methods can be locked using this multiselect field:

How to unlock payment methods for a user

There are multiple strategies available to unlock locked payment methods for your customers:

Updated on May 21, 2021

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