What is a quote request?


A request for quotation, or more colloquially referred to as a quote request, is a way to ask about prices and conditions before placing a binding order. The Quote Requests for WooCommerce plugin extends the default WC feature set by enabling so-called quotes which can be later transformed into orders after customer approval.

Similarly to orders, quotes can also be found in the WooCommerce admin menu and are displayed in a familiar WordPress table:

The quote editing experience should also feel familiar from that of orders editing:

Quote Statuses

As opposed to orders, quotes have their own statuses that better reflect the lifecycle of quote requests:

  • New request — for quotes that require admin attention
  • Waiting on customer — for finalized quotes that require customer approval
  • Expired — for quotes that have not been accepted by the customer quickly enough
  • Rejected by customer — for quotes that have been rejected by the customer
  • Accepted by customer — for quotes that have been accepted by the customer
  • Cancelled — for quote requests that have been cancelled by the customer before finalization

Accepted quotes will generate an order with the same billing & shipping addresses and the same items as the quote. The customers can then pay for the new order with any available payment gateways.

Updated on December 3, 2021

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