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How do refunds work?

We offer a 14-days Double Guarantee refund policy. That means that you can reach out to us within 2 weeks of your initial purchase to request a refund for any reason or for no reason at all and we will refund your money and cancel your subscription.

We appreciate any feedback in regards to why you wish to refund your purchase but you do not have to give us any reason whatsoever. We’ll happily refund you no-questions-asked.

Refunds for renewal orders

Generally there are no refunds on renewal payments. The purpose of the refund guarantee is to give you peace of mind that you can get your money back in a quickly and uncomplicated fashion should the plugin not fit your needs shortly after your initial purchase.

That being said, we understand that some cases are special and thus you can still reach out to us to request one. All renewal refund requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and are issued at our sole discretion.

Requesting a refund

For information on how to request a refund, please see this knowledge base article.

Updated on May 21, 2021

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