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Unlocking payment methods for specific orders


This unlocking strategy is only available in the paid version of our plugin. If you still need a license you can acquire one here.

In order to grant access to locked payment methods to individual users please first make sure that the Unlock via Order Meta settings is set to Yes on the plugin’s settings page:

With the unlocking strategy active you can now find a new metabox on the Edit order screen. The metabox is aptly named Locked Payment Methods and provides you with checkboxes to allow the customer to pay for the given order using normally locked payment methods.

Access to the payment methods unlocked using this strategy is only valid for the specific order that was edited. It does not influence future orders or any other unpaid orders.

Unlike the other unlocking strategies, this one can also apply to guest users by unlocking payment methods on an order belonging to a guest.

Visual feedback

In some cases, the customer might already be unlocked for certain payment methods via another strategy. If that is the case, the checkbox for said payment methods will be disabled and a helpful message explaining this will be displayed (just like for the first checkbox in the image above).

Updated on May 20, 2021

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